Clare’s Adventures in South Africa

Global Gathering on Activism
Last week Clare traded Coventry for Boschendahl!

The trip was organised by The Social Change Initiative: the aim was to bring together SCI fellows, mentors and mentees in South Africa to coincide with an international gathering organized by SCI and the Global Citizens Circle of about 120 activists for a panel discussion with Desmond Tutu on effective activism. 

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The Power of Narrative: From No Chance to Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah!

Mel Smith and Kyla Craig were invited to deliver a lecture to Occupational Therapy Students at Coventry University yesterday.

They shared stories, challenged, invited students to think about why they are passionate about OT. They got students to sit alongside them on the podium to bridge the gap between speaker and audience.

There was finger snapping (alternative clapping) and cries of ‘hell yeah’ so we think it went well!



Innovation factory

Have you been involved in something – an idea, an event, a project – where you felt really frazzled because it was all down to you? Perhaps it never even got off the ground? Or you worried that it would all stop after you had to pull away?

At the Innovation Factory this August 22nd and 23rd we will explore ways to engage and mobilise other people and build your capacity for action. Tools such as how to craft a compelling story, using campaign charts and understanding who your people are, are just some of things you will learn.

If this has caught your interest then: