Checking in with Annual Health Checks six months into campaign

In September we launched a year-long campaign to bring awareness to the importance of annual health checks for people with learning disabilities. What gave the campaign urgency were the shocking mortality rates for people with a learning disability who were dying up to 27 years younger* than the general population, many from preventable causes.  […]

Alarmingly low uptake of annual health checks triggers national campaign

17 October 2018. People with learning disabilities in Coventry and Warwickshire are still not having annual health checks with GPs and Grapevine’s H-Team is campaigning to change this on a national level. They generally have poorer physical and mental health and a significantly lower life expectancy than the general population. But it doesn’t need to […]

Physical health checks and mental illness

People with mental illness are at greater risk of poor physical health. But they qualify for a free annual health check with their GP. We want to find out why people aren’t getting their annual check up, so we can remove any barriers and help people stay healthy. Are you a Coventry or Warwickshire resident, […]

Health checks for people with learning disabilities rise significantly during campaign

This just in – the number of Annual Health Checks carried out for people with learning disabilities in Coventry and Warwickshire has jumped up 32 per cent in the past 12 months! The steady climb from 39 per cent in April 2020 – at the start of the UK’s Covid crisis – to just over […]

My Life, My Rights, My Health, My Choice campaign goes live!

People with learning disabilities are dying young from preventable and treatable medical conditions at a far higher rate than the general population, NHS England statistics reveal*. ‘Far higher than’ equates to a woman with a learning disability losing her life 27 years sooner on average than a woman without a learning disability. For men, their […]

Grapevine’s training for NHS staff raised as best practice in fight to improve lives of people with learning disabilities

A national study to identify good examples of learning disability awareness training for health professionals has highlighted Grapevine’s work in Coventry and Warwickshire as a case study of effective best practice. Our Health Team is made up of people with lived experience of learning disabilities and project leads, Alice and Kelly. Together they deliver a […]

H Team brings learning disability to life for trainee social workers

The next generation of social workers from Coventry University have been getting an insight into people with a learning disability directly from the very people who know the most about it! Grapevine’s Sam and a core group of people with different learning disabilities who make up the H Team visited the university last month for […]

Rights In Public Law Education

Assessment and support procedures for disabled adults, including those  transitioning into adulthood: Friday 22nd September at Grapevine The latest session run by Central England Law Centre Rights In Public Law Education project is on Friday 22nd September. RIPLE helps groups of people who need health and/or social care services know their rights. Kyla from Grapevine is helping […]