Becoming invisible

One in three young disabled people spend less than an hour outside of home on a Saturday and Coventry Youth Activists (CYA) have a campaign running to change that.

Recently, they have been enjoying monthly Saturday nights out on the town together just like any group of friends.

Although the night runs smoothly most of the time, a recent experience reminded CYA of some of the barriers faced by people with a disability…

Chloe and Joey
Chloe and Joey

“Now I’m writing this so that people can learn. I’ve just had a GREAT night out. As me and my friend were leaving, my mate decided to go ahead to help me exit the pub. Just think for a second, how mundane the simple act of leaving a busy place is – I bet it’s never crossed most of our minds.

“As we made our way through we passed the bar, my friend shouted politely for people to move aside to let me through. It became clearer and clearer how invisible I’d become.

“In fact people were so determined not to move that I got stuck tight against a wall…”

Find out how and why Joey was very nearly injured that evening in the rest of his blog here.

An interesting two-minute read and probably an important reminder for all of us.