Children and young people

We want learning­ disabled youngsters to have the relationships, confidence and skills they need in order to mature into independent young adults able to achieve their ambitions.

Across Grapevine we work with young people so that:

  • The system can see them differently
  • Their uniqueness is not a barrier to the life they want
  • They can learn to take a hit and get back up again
  • They can know and develop their gifts and become ‘givers’ in their turn to others
  • They can become the authors of their own story, write their own script
  • They experience risk, learn and make mistakes
  • Change the future for themselves and others like them
  • They can be bold vibrant and fun

Our new Teenvine Plus service needs to work intensively with about 40 young people a year so that each youngster gets:

  • a plan for the young adult life they want
  • a sustainable circle of supporters to help implement it
  • a young non-disabled volunteer who will strengthen their voice and help navigate hurdles •group training on independence and inclusion
  • the support of an advocate when dealing with school, college and other care or support services
  • participation in and leadership of a youth ‘democracy and citizenship’ group that raises awareness of societal barriers faced and galvanises their response as disabled young people.