Walking tall with Walk and Talk

What could be better than a stroll and a chat through a vibrant, bustling city centre on a sunny day?

It may sound like a simple pleasure, but it’s one that – according to the people taking part in a recent Walk and Talk session through Coventry – brings all sorts of benefits.

Walk and Talks are organised as part of Grapevine’s #covmindthegap initiative which brings together people who want to make changes in their lives and communities. They’re held monthly with a different theme for each walk and the opportunity to pause and listen to a speaker along the route.

Great things happen on a Walk and Talk; best of all, perhaps, are the opportunities to talk as you walk with complete strangers and hear their stories, ideas and thoughts. It happens naturally as you stroll, stop and look around….see it for yourself here (link to film on slider)

“where else could you go to find out all the things that people in Coventry are doing for each other?”.

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