Feel Good Community Walk in the Park

Back by popular demand! Local woman Melissa’s main aim of the Walk is to bring people together to spread Feel Good vibes and get everyone’s Feel Good chemicals supercharged.

Everyone is welcome so please bring your best smile, wear something amazing (fancy dress optional but most welcomed) and bring a friend…

As Melissa’s events are all about the community we have booked the a room at the Visitors Centre so we can get together over a brew and a slice of homemade cake.

Our Feel Good Ambassadors will be on hand to help you make some amazing random acts of kindness that you can give out on the gentle amble around the park

12-1:30 Feel Good Creative activities, tea, coffee and cake
1:30-2:00 Gentle Walk in the park spreading out Feel Good vibes

Events like this only happen with people like YOU!

If you would like to help we need donations of homemade cakes and some RAOK – party bubbles and dog treats went down well last time . If you can help please let us know what you are bringing so we don’t have too much of one thing!