From open books to open mic – Nuneaton Speaking Up hosts local library event

A week today a local library will come alive to the sound of music as a group of Nuneaton campaigners host their first open mic night at the venue.

Nuneaton Speaking Up has six members, who each have some kind of disadvantage due to ill-health or disability, but also want to go out, enjoy life and make new friends. Just like anyone else.

Open Mic Night poster
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Grapevine’s work with the group exploring the causes of loneliness and isolation in North Warwickshire has uncovered shared experiences of feeling uncomfortable in a traditional pub or club setting, with or without non-disabled friends.

As a result, evenings and weekends are often spent at home… meaning there aren’t many opportunities to get to know new and different people.

However, a shared love of music sparked their idea for an open mic night and the community library was happy to oblige!

Some of the group will perform a song together – the rest of the entertainment will be up to the guests. Music, singing, poetry, comedy… the open mic night is open-minded.

As James from the group says: “Even though we have a disability, it’s about inclusion. We have a place in society.

“We are capable of many things. It’s not disability – we just have different abilities.”

Organising this event has gained Nuneaton Speaking Up new skills – from working alongside Warwickshire Library and Information Service, to helping produce and distribute promotional posters, to sorting out the sound equipment.

So please come along and support if you can. Everyone is welcome and entry is free.

Grapevine empowerment worker Sam said: “We would really love for the community and neighbouring communities to get involved and rally behind us in the fight for an inclusive society!”

Open Mic Night

Nuneaton Library, Church Street
Tuesday 10 December
7.30pm – 10pm