Global citizens present statements to COP26 today – including Sanjay from Coventry

Today from 1pm (13:00 UTC), 100 citizens from across the globe present their collective statements about the climate and ecological crisis to COP26 in Glasgow – and the UK representative is from Coventry!

Step forward Sanjay Jagatia, whose perspectives form part of today’s inaugral People’s Declaration with support from Grapevine.

Sanjay Jagatia from Ekta Unity in Coventry is representing the UK at #COP26 with support from Grapevine
Sanjay Jagatia from Ekta Unity in Coventry is representing the UK at #COP26 with support from Grapevine

The first-ever Global Citizens’ Assembly, trained by Global Assembly, has been debating, deliberating and voting on their final statements over recent weeks and can now seize the opportunity to raise them to an audience of world leaders.

The assembly is an accurate snapshot of humanity from countries around the world. Its members were found by organisations connected to their local communities and put forward for random sortition (like a lottery) to create the final 100.

Grapevine volunteered our services when the Global Assembly’s virtual pin landed in our backyard in Wyken, Coventry in September. It made perfect sense to use our experiences of shifting power to get a local person their seat at one of the world’s most important tables.

Sanjay says: “Today is an important day where we at the Global Assembly voice our citizens’ message at #COP26 for the world to protect our planet. Particularly with regards to reducing the climate change and ecological crisis.

“The Global Citizens’ Assembly for COP26 is the most practical way of showing the world how we can accelerate action, ensure that our individual voice counts and make a difference.”

Jess Pinson from Grapevie is pictured wearing pale green glasses and with red hair
Community organiser Jess Pinson from Grapevine

Sanjay will be part of a worldwide Zoom viewing party, watching closely as the assembly’s statements are disclosed.

Grapevine community organiser Jess Pinson played a pivtoal role in recruiting Sanjay and has been alongside him through 12 online sessions, sharing his experiences of living in the UK and listening to those of others in preparation for today.

Jess says: “Today is about solidarity and people power. I’m so pleased that Grapevine has been able to have a hand in helping Sanjay express his opinions, ideas and perspectives on a huge platform at a critical moment in time.

“This has been an eye-opening experience for me too, attending sessions with Sanjay ‘in the room’ online with counterparts from Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria and the Republic of Chad. And many more besides in other rooms.

“It’s been a uniquely unifying and levelling journey for us all – one that shows up our similarities and differences in a whole new light.”

Today’s People’s Declaration session runs from 1pm to 3.30pm. Follow the conversation on Twitter by searching #GlobalAssembly #PeoplesDeclaration #COP26. Live stream details as follows.

Watch the live stream

Click here to follow the presentation as it unfolds LIVE on YouTube here.

Find out more

Go to the Global Assembly website to learn more about how the Global Citizens’ Assembly was formed and what will happen next.