Growing green health from the ground up in Foleshill

We are excited to launch a pilot project with Coventry City Council as part of our Shifting Power work in Foleshill, alongside residents who want to take action on air-quality, how the area looks and its green spaces.

Could that be you? If you live or work in Foleshill, you are invited to join us in designing some new ‘parklets’ – thinking about where they could go, what they look like and what they can do.

An urban parklet is shown at a road junction in London with benches, grass and people enjpying the space. Credit: Cyclehoop.
An urban parklet at Hammersmith and Fulham in London. Credit: Cyclehoop

Parklets are small parts of residential streets which are reclaimed by the community for people to stop, rest and enjoy. They are usually about the size of a parking space and have seating and planting.

They might have some decoration, a bike rack or a community noticeboard. There are lots of options.

The planting might help local wildlife. It might be growing for food or trees for shade on hot days. There could be games to play or conversation starters for friends or strangers as they enjoy this sociable space.

A handmade parklet sign welcomes people to the parklet with planters sat behind it. Credit: Hackney Council
Credit: Hackney Council

How they are designed can express the identity of an area too.

They can be part of a strategy of creating healthy streets as green spaces, resting and sheltering spaces for people who walk or cycle, friendly places for people to chat. They can reduce isolation through the emergence of bright, beautiful spaces that cheer people up and help them to value their neighbourhood.

Want to join us?

We are looking for people to help

If you live or work in Foleshill and like the idea of being creative and making positive changes as part of a friendly, fun team then contact Jess today at or by calling her on 07989 395 446.

Street art on a door in yellow and black with a white square and heart that reads "be kind"
Credit: Randalyn Hill on Unsplash