Introducing the Coronavirus Time Capsule

Young people from our Teenvine Plus programme and Belgrade Theatre are recording ‘time capsule’ video diaries of their lives in lockdown for future generations.

The weekly updates follow a different theme each week, inspired by Company Three – the people behind this response to the pandemic, told through the eyes of teenagers. Week One’s video blog introduces the young people and the project.

Teenvine Plus works intensively with young people in Coventry who have a learning disability or autism to springboard them into an independent and ambitious adult life. It helps the teenagers develop the friendships, confidence and skills for a happy future. They’ve partnered with Belgrade Youth for this project.

The Coronavirus Time Capsule is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the group to work together on a shared global experience, expressing themselves in individual ways and connecting with other young people across the world.

The initiative is open to youth theatres, educational institutions, student drama groups and anywhere else where work with young people has ceased due to COVID-19. 

Teenvine Plus uncovers people’s talents and passions – so who knows what might emerge from the time capsule. We’re certain it will further strengthen bonds between the young people and also their ability to take charge of their lives, when so many other aspects of living through a global pandemic may be beyond our control.

Video time capsules from teenagers around the world (including ours) can be found here.

Look out for an updated video on our YouTube channel and social media every Friday.