It’s the Big (Virtual) Lunch this weekend, join us!

It’s almost here – The Big Lunch weekend (6-7 June)! Grapevine is joining in this year, with the help of people we’re working with through our Building Connections project to beat loneliness in Coventry.

This year’s lunch will have an obvious difference – it’s virtual to keep everyone as safe as possible. But there’s still every reason to come together to celebrate the relationships and connections that have been helping us all through this crisis, during the UK’s annual thanksgiving weekend for neighbours and communities. 

Lockdown lunch logo
Logo designed by one of our local leaders

22 local ‘leaders’ have offered to host lunches for around six friends each, involving over 130 people in our bid to build on the ‘best of lockdown’.

We want to share food, gather experiences, ideas and inspiration so that when we return to a ‘new normal’ we can make things different and better in the months and years to come. Build back better.

A recent study revealed more than nine million people admit they either “always” or “often” feel lonely. That’s bigger than the entire population of London. Now is the time to act to change that.

There’s an open lunch invitation from Mel and Dave on Saturday 6 June from 12 noon – 1.30pm. Mel is Grapevine’s Deputy CEO and Dave, who we have known for many years, lives in Spon End in Coventry. Both will host the lunch jointly via Zoom from their own homes and anyone is welcome to come along.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 871 0105 7129
Password: 313827

The Big Virtual Lunch on Zoom
Join Mel and Dave this Saturday on Zoom – all welcome!

Look out for news soon on the pledges people make this weekend to get involved in tackling loneliness, plus an update on some online documentary screenings coming up during Loneliness Awareness Week, starting 15 June.

The Big Lunch is an Eden Project, funded by the National Lottery, that started back in 2009. For more information click here.

Big Lunch Cov invitation from Jen, community organiser from Grapevine

“We all care about loneliness. For some people being socially isolated, staying home and not being able to join in is the norm even without lockdown. The majority of us now know how that feels, and we have a choice. We can rush back to how life used to be as soon as we are allowed, or we can choose to do things a bit differently.

“Grapevine is actively looking for people who want to do things differently to be part of a movement against loneliness and isolation.

“We are really grateful to all The Big Lunch leaders who have gathered people together  to talk about what we have seen or experienced in lockdown that is worth keeping – and what we might want to change for the better.

“This Big Lunch Pack (click to download) has some activities to support the ‘Building on the Best of Lockdown’ lunches, a bit more information about Grapevine and how you can get involved.

“We hope you enjoy the lunch – and we hope to meet you soon.”

*British Red Cross and Co-op research, 2016.