Metalheads of Coventry – Adam’s Help and Connect story

Meet Adam and his fellow ‘Metalheads of Coventry’ – a group he founded, now over 500-strong online, to connect like-minded people with a passion for metal music in Adam’s home city.

One of our connectors worked alongside Adam to build a person-centred plan that focused on his assets, his dreams and who in the community might help bring him closer to his goals.

Then they set about making it happen.

Adam’s group is growing and adapting too – for example, appointing a female co-facilitator as someone other female metalheads could talk to and who could lead female-only events.

We hear from co-facilitator Kitty in this film.

The main Metalheads group meets once or twice a month in a community space at the HMV store in Coventry city centre.

They are looking for a new home – email our team if you can help at or contact Adam directly through the group.

Help and Connect is for autistic and learning disabled adults from Coventry who are not receiving statutory support from services.

The project helps people make a plan, get connections, find work, stay healthy and safe.

It is funded by Coventry City Council.

Join Metalheads of Coventry on Facebook for discussion, news and events. Follow them on Instragram @MetalheadsOfCoventry too.

Help and Connect forms part of Grapevine’s #StrengtheningPeople work. Learn more by clicking this link – including six more real-life stories.