Our latest Covid guidance

We’ve been working closely with our team to ensure that their safety and the safety of people they are working with remains our top priority since the Government announced its implementation of ‘Plan B’ in response to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

We want to do what we can to help slow the spread of Covid-19, play our part in reducing the chances of people catching it as much as we are able and help NHS resources which are under enormous pressure at this time.

Red and pink posters pasted to an exterior wall read: Be Kind. Let's look out for one another. Image credit: John Cameron.
Credit: John Cameron on Unsplash

Click this link to access an easy-read guide to the Covid-19 booster vaccination which runs through everything you need to know about the booster programme in a clear and accessible way.

At Grapevine, we are:

  • Wearing a face covering indoors and on public transport
  • Testing regularly and self-isolating if required
  • Ensuring we have our booster as soon as possible
  • Working from home as a priority
  • Keeping office use to a minimum whilst wearing a face covering – e.g. for printing, gathering resources or working if we have no other place to do so safely and comfortably, in one well-ventilated room per person
  • Hand-washing and sanitising often
  • Meeting people outdoors and wearing a face covering.
Three colourful illustrations by the United Nations Covid Response show a man in a mask, a bar of soap and a child hugging Grandma through a mobile telephone. The colours are purple and blue hues.
Credit: Illustrations by the United Nations Covid-19 Response asset bank on Unsplash

We understand that in some circumstances meeting face-to-face will still be essential to delivering our work. If this is the case, we’ll work together to decide if this can be done safely and is truly essential. We ask everyone to stay at home if they feel unwell.

We thank our team and the people we work alongside for everything they’ve done this year to keep people safe and we hope for better news in the New Year.

Visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus for the latest updates from the UK Government.