Active and connected parents

We’re creating a large group of active and connected parents able to help improve outcomes for the city’s children.

They get intensive, flexible support so that they can develop the vision, confidence and skills to partner with the public sector in protecting and improving children’s lives.

Our sessions use popular culture, storytelling, and of course some challenges along the way that help parents to identify their own and each others strengths.

We have met some amazing people so far; all at very different stages of their journey. They have strong ideas about why parent leaders are needed:

  • We have lots to share – knowledge, experience and skills
  • I’ll be able to share how I made it all work for me when people didn’t think I could
  • Help us all to grow as good parents so that kids have the best kind of lives

We asked parents what was in it for them:

P said – ‘I think I’m gonna get a buzz out of it. I hope I’ll make some friends and maybe even learn stuff that will help me get a job in the future as well.’

E said – ‘ I think I’ll learn new skills from other group members.  I think I’ll get the feel good factor too.’

And why are we doing this? We’re doing it so that parents are:

  • strong enough to change the conversation between themselves and services so that services get it right for them, first time and every time
  • informed and connected so that they use the right services at the right time
  • able to support other parents and local communities to kickstart parent to parent groups eg around breast feeding or stopping smoking

If you want to find out more contact Mel Smith.