Let’s end isolation and loneliness

Clare was asked to talk on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio this morning following the appointment of the new Minister for Loneliness Tracy Crouch.

The invitation came after Clare took part in roundtable to help shape the thinking behind the recommendations of  Jo Cox’s commission on loneliness. The commission was inspired by Jo’s vision that by working together we could make a real difference to the lives of those affected by loneliness.

Clare says: ‘It’s great the government have accepted all of the Commission’s recommendations.  Above all though, this isn’t about what governments can do, its about what ordinary people can do for each other.

We’ve always thought that the thing people need in life when they’ve got problems isn’t so much services – services have their place – but good people around them. That’s why we want to spark a movement among ordinary folk to tackle isolation.’

If you live in Coventry and want to do something to combat the problem then please get in touch, we’d love to meet you. You can  email Mel to find out more.

We’ll also be supporting The Great Get Together – in celebration of Jo Cox –  22-24 June 2018.

To listen to Clare tune into the Justine Greene show at 1hr:20mins:53sec: