Two years later | A moment to reflect

We began this journey two years ago when Prime Minister, Boris Johnson addressed the nation and told us to stay at home as Covid-19 rapidly took hold in England and the rest of the world.

Today we reflect on what has happened at Grapevine and with the people, communities and systems we work with.

We think about those no longer with us, those who put their lives on the line to care for others, those who worked tirelessly to help people in need of support, those who began this pandemic already in isolation and disadvantage, and increasing numbers of people now experiencing the same.

But we are here and we are ready for what’s next. We hope you enjoy our video.

Note: Images appear in more or less chronological order. So where you see ‘Community Spirit’ and ‘Be Kind’ pop up later on, both events took place after lockdown restrictions had eased for the last time.

Because community and kindness are not just for pandemics.

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Video description: A series of images by Grapevine and partners show the early days of pandemic lockdowns with empty supermarket shelves, empty streets and homemade signs of support in windows. As the pace of the music shifts up a gear, we enter a time post-lockdown in March 2021 when Grapevine staff and others were able to work face-to-face once more with people and communities. Words and phrases like Community Spirit, Activism, Creativity, Reform, Communication, Connection and Coalition pop up on screen to match the images.