What do bin collections and loneliness have in common?

11 December 2019.

Bin feeling down? There is always someone to talk to. That’s the message Coventry residents will hopefully take on board this Christmas when they open their new bin collection calendars. Because inside is a raft of charity and community organisations offering support.

Bin collection calendar cover

Grapevine was invited by Coventry City Council to take part in their #BinFeelingDown campaign which aims to take some of the most common and difficult issues people face during the festive season – and throughout the year – and highlight sources of help for each.

From financial debts to drug and alcohol misuse, there are many local charities and services available to talk to. Grapevine’s work embodies the fifth strand of isolation and loneliness.

Connecting for Good is a grassroots movement by Grapevine that aims to tackle social isolation in new and interesting ways. Working with people’s passions, ideas and solutions to their own problems has a lasting effect and people who were lonely before no longer need to feel that way. There are no limits or guidelines – simply close-knit communities making change.

What’s our message?

If loneliness strikes a chord with you and you have ideas on what to do about it, bring them to Grapevine where you can develop, connect with others who care about the same issues and take action together. Call Connecting for Good on 024 7663 1040 ext 105 or email admin@grapevinecovandwarks.org.

Thanks to Coventry City Council for this opportunity to send our message out direct into people’s homes.

Bin calendar inside info