A Crossroads

Civil society is at a real crossroads. We are facing mounting social and environmental challenges from growing inequality to climate change, allied to an upsurge in people wanting to campaign and get involved. Get it right and we can change the world for the better.

On August 15th Welcome Centre Parkside Coventry 10am to 4pm we play host to a workshop from the Social Change Project, a 15-month initiative led by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation to deepen our understanding of how civil society can really create social change and turn intent into positive action.

The Social Change Project addresses the one question everyone in civil society should be constantly asking – how do you truly create change? The answers matter as they will help strengthen the ability of individuals, groups and organisations to make a tangible, positive difference.

SMK are inviting change-makers to participate a series of workshops running around the UK. The purpose of these events is to start building the evidence base, finding out ‘what works’ and identifying the ‘burning issues’ for social change makers. The Coventry event aims to be stimulating, inspiring and fun.

Please email rachel.nye@smk.org.uk if you would like to attend.