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People need people – here’s how we’re making this happen

19 September 2018. The first Connecting for Good Ideas Factory took place on Friday 14 September at FarGo Village market place in Coventry. The Ideas Factory brought together a group of around 40 people who care about how social isolation affects all kinds of people in the city and want to end it for good. […]

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It’s not a movement if it doesn’t move without you…

14 September 2018. At Grapevine, we don’t think of ourselves as providers of ‘social care’ or that we are a social care organisation. If we aren’t these things, then what are we? Grapevine CEO Clare Wightman explains: “We aid people and communities to find a voice, organise, advocate for shared interests, and bring about change.” […]

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Come and join our unique team at Grapevine

12 September 2018. “Living my best life” is a term broadly used on social media, sometimes in an authentic way and sometimes with more than a sprinkle of sarcasm. But here at Grapevine what it means to us is a vision of people and communities with the energy and confidence to tackle challenges and take […]

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