With individuals

We strengthen people by uncovering their talents and passions. Then we use these to create natural networks of community support. Networks that strengthen, bring opportunity and help them take charge of their lives.

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Help and Connect

Help and Connect is for people with a learning disability in Coventry to make a plan, get connections, get work, stay healthy and stay safe. We help with the most pressing needs first then equip people with skills, knowledge, support networks and readiness for self-management and onward opportunity.

Below are five stories that help illustrate our work on this project. Each one is person-centred and tailored to individual assets and dreams – we work in many more ways!

Contact helpandconnect@grapevinecovandwarks.org to refer yourself or someone you know to the project.

Advocacy in Coventry

Funded by the Henry Smith Charity, this service is designed for autistic people and people with learning disabilities who are aged 17 or over and not receiving any statutory support.

Grapevine’s fresh approach to advocacy offers a one-to-one service within a rich ecosystem of support proven to change people’s lives for good.

Our approach pulls people back from the margins of crisis by resolving advocacy issues and building self-advocacy skills. When that is done, the ecosystem of support turns those outcomes into sustainable ones, increasing internal and external resilience and preventing future crises.

Would you like to refer yourself to our advocacy service? Click this link to complete our self referral form.

Or if you are professional working with an autistic or learning disabled person aged 17 or over who needs support, complete this form.

Email advocacy@grapevinecovandwarks.org with any other questions.

A young black woman takes notes as she speaks to an older disabled white woman who is sitting down and a younger woman of mixed ethnicity who is standing and wearing a light grey hoodie.

Teenvine Plus

Teenvine Plus is an intensive development programme for teens with autism or learning disabilities in Coventry. We help learning disabled youngsters to get the friendships, confidence and skills they need in order to mature into independent young adults able to achieve their ambitions.

“The kids make friends between themselves, that never happens. Normally they’re only ever brought together when the services want to give them the same treatment, like anger management or something. You don’t make friends like that.” (Parent of a young person with a learning disability)

We’re always on the lookout for ‘buddies’ too who are aged 13-18 and want to help our young people build a connected future and make some amazing memories. Email teenvine@grapevinecovandwarks.org to volunteer your time to change lives.

Teenvine Plus Covid-19 Next Steps

Teenvine Plus Covid-19 Next Steps is an extension of the Teenvine Plus project, focusing on young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who are among some of the most disadvantaged by the pandemic.

This project gives them access to the creative freedom to express their identity and make a plan for the future – boosted by new support networks, experiences and ambitions that grow and change as they do. 

A group of teenagers wearing face masks give the thumbs up to the camera in a Coventry park