What we do

Grapevine wants to see strong local people and communities tackling their challenges, taking opportunities, shaping their lives.

Who we help

Grapevine helps all kinds of people experiencing isolation, poverty and disadvantage to build better lives.

How we help

We do it by offering practical guidance, advocacy and support centred around the person.

Our projects run across three action strands. Click a strand below to see which projects live there… Also try the ‘Join In’ section of our website to find ways to get involved.

We help them get the hope, insight and supportive relationships they need to take control, turn their lives around and realise their potential.

Using practical tools and training we also help people build their collective power to tackle the problems they’re facing. We help them spark and sustain movements for change.

And then…?

We don’t stop there. We want to get at the root causes of problems that won’t go away – not just treat the symptoms.

We do that by working with systems and services like the NHS and local authorities to see how together we can understand and tackle the real problem – for good.