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Job vacancy: Community Organiser

15 October 2019. Do you want to be in communities, creating conversations, building relationships, inspiring action? We’ll pay you for it! Community organising is about building relationships and networks in communities that mean people can tackle their local issues together. We’ve always thought that the thing people need in life when they’ve got problems isn’t […]

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Simon’s world is opening up

3 October 2019. Simon was stuck. His siblings had flown the nest and in his mid-forties, he was living in a small village near Leamington Spa with his Mum. He worried what would happen when Mum was no longer around, with no place to live, no job and friends with “families and jobs” so no […]

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Job vacancy: Journey Guide

8 October 2019. We’re an award winning charity celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! Grapevine helps all kinds of people experiencing isolation, poverty and disadvantage to build better, more connected lives. We now need a personable self-organiser to take up the job of ‘Journey Guide’ (a jobs broker and coach). You will be working alongside […]

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