“A think and do tank that’s able to transform services and lives wherever they are.”

Richard Wilson, Good Help founder

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Bengy Jake Speer wearing headphones, dark hoody and short dark, curly hair.

“I ‘ve never experienced a chance like this to thrive… full respect for the representation Grapevine gives by being guiding hands along the journey.”

Bengy Jake Speer, Changemaker and City of Culture Leadership Team member

Esther Foreman

“The movement we’ve seen in Coventry is revolutionising public health. We can’t wait to see what Grapevine do next.”

Esther Foreman, CEO, The Social Change Agency

Matt McStravick

“In the years to come, the skill of supporting diverse people to forge deep relationships is going to be vital. Grapevine wrote the book on this.”

Matthew McStravick, Creative Director, Deepr Design
Latest news
Willenhall residents take the lead to power up community park campaign

People living in Willenhall are working alongside Grapevine community organisers to build their collective power as they campaign for improved park and play facilities in their Coventry neighbourhood. Through a series of community focus groups at the tail end of 2023, the ‘Willenhall Coalition’ was able to identify which community priority it needed to tackle […]

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Coventry Youth Activists recruiting new disability campaigners

Our Coventry Youth Activists (CYA) are actively recruiting for new members to join their team and bring their skills to disability rights campaigning. They are looking to strengthen CYA with a fresh crop of 18 to 25 year-olds who are disabled, or have a long-term health condition, and feel passionate about giving young disabled people […]

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Young people challenge mental health system to improve so others don’t face same struggles

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – a week dedicated to tackling stigma and helping people prioritise theirs and others’ mental health. So we’re using this opportunity to lift up a project that is really quite special. One we are proud to be part of.  ActUp! are a group of 18-25s using their lived experience […]

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