With systems

We help people embrace their power and agency. Because when they do problems get solved, lives become better and futures become more shapeable. But we don’t stop there.

We want to get at the root causes of the most difficult problems – not just treat the symptoms. So we work intensively with systems and services like the NHS and local authorities to understand issues together, shift power and solve the real problem – for good.

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Coventry Youth Activists

A campaign group changing young people’s lives in Coventry. CYA members decide on the issues that matter to them and set about making things better for themselves and others.

Lily performs a speaking song
“I’m surrounded by people free of judgement and full of kindness… to reassure me… and encourage me to share my ideas and show me they have worth and value and are genuinely heard.” (Joey, member of CYA)

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Place Based Social Action in Stoke Aldermoor

One of twenty national partnerships funded by DCMS and The National Lottery Community Fund. It’s about people-led solutions that help young people and families thrive in a hard-hit Coventry community. It’s about changing the way public services and communities work together.

Women gather to plan community action
“One person can make minimal changes on their own, but a group of people can add more weight to the actions needed – to give those actions more power.” (Kath, Stoke Aldermoor Social Action Partnership member) Photo by Stuart Stabler.

Live locally?

Anyone living in Stoke Aldermoor can bring their passions and ideas to the partnership. Contact Kyla at Grapevine kcraig@grapevinecovandwarks.org to join in.


One of three national ‘system change’ programmes – helping Coventry help families earlier, in partnership with Central England Law Centre.

John from Ignite with community member
“We sometimes ask the more difficult questions but we are always honest about why we need to know. From there, energy comes, connections are made and people start to find their own solutions to problems they are facing.” (John Toman, Ignite)
Warwickshire’s empowerment and co-production service

This service supports people with learning disabilities and autism to have a say in how they live their lives and also the services they access – spreading influence and opportunity across the county.

Warwickshire Empowerment Service planning
“I always come away from Grapevine with a hopeful heart.” (Meena Bharadwa, Locality)
Walks and Talks

Walks and Talks are a story-telling technique that involves having a conversation while walking somewhere. But in our case we share stories, watch performances, listen to ideas, feel inspired and spark change. It’s a chance to bring services, systems and communities together to get at the root of a problem.

#socialactionhubcovandwarks launched at a Walk and Talk as we became a recognised hub of best practice for Community Organisers.

Walk and Talk in action
“An extraordinary example of a community taking responsibility for its own support networks and mutual help is right here in Coventry.” (Gill Phillips)

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Ideas Factories and Collaboration Stations

Ideas Factories and Collaboration Stations are two activities through which we co-create innovative actions and solutions, building the capacity for change from all sectors and communities.

Collaboration Station at Drapers