Grapevine’s power comes from the skilled and passionate people who live and breathe our mission everyday. They bring brilliance to our work.

Team Grapevine

Seven key aspects of our culture support the team to do its best:

  • Being accountable to the people we serve
  • Freedom and trust to do what is right
  • Support to stay true to people’s dreams
  • Trust and encouragement to make decisions autonomously
  • Support to be curious, exploratory and playful
  • Modelling and transmitting our key skills and beliefs
  • Comfort with uncertainty when that’s necessary.
Members of our #WeAreGrapevine team
  1. Adam Hives, Operations Manager
  2. Alex Rigler, Project Worker
  3. Andrea Mbarushimana, Project Worker
  4. Ben Steventon, Project Worker
  5. Cathy Allen, Finance Director
  6. Chloe Andrew, Project Manager
  7. Claire Harvey, Communications Officer
  8. Clare Wightman, CEO
  9. Coleman Kerr, Project Worker
  10. Danielle Breslin, Project Worker
  11. Danny Parrott, Project Worker
  12. Dom Taylor, Community Organiser
  13. Gemma Musgreaves, Community Organiser
  14. Georgina Bradley, Project Worker
  15. Helena Bagg, Project Worker
  16. Jen Cooke, Community Organiser
  17. Joanne Tasker, Project Worker
  18. Kirsty Baxter, Project Worker
  19. Kitty Wright, Project Worker
  20. Kyla Craig, Community Organiser and Project Manager
  21. Laura Thompson, Project Worker
  22. Louise Watts, Project Worker
  23. Mel Smith, Deputy CEO
  24. Melissa Smith, Community Organiser
  25. Michelle Reid, Project Worker
  26. Molly Gillespie, Community Organiser
  27. Naomi Madden, Director of Projects
  28. Samantha Collins, Project Worker
  29. Sophie Greener, Community Organiser