Coventry Youth Activists recruiting new disability campaigners

Our Coventry Youth Activists (CYA) are actively recruiting for new members to join their team and bring their skills to disability rights campaigning.

They are looking to strengthen CYA with a fresh crop of 18 to 25 year-olds who are disabled, or have a long-term health condition, and feel passionate about giving young disabled people a voice and ending online discrimination.

A group of young disabled people prepare to perform on their sofa on wheels in Coventry city centre. They are CYA
May 2019 – Coventry Youth Activists prepare to take centre stage in Broadgate, Coventry on their sofa on wheels. Credit: John Whitmore.

Alternatively, you might be a young person with lived experience through someone you know who wants to help break down barriers.

You will ideally be based in Coventry, committed to working as a team to achieve change and be interested in gaining experience in community organising, campaigning and people-powered leadership.

All of which CYA offer, along with strong links to Grapevine’s own team of community organisers and their expertise.

Interested in applying or know someone who might be?

Don’t delay! Next week they host an online Q and A for potential new recruits.

A yellow Instagram square shows black and white cut outs of a raised clenched fist, an open mouth, eye and newspaper cuttings alongside black text advertising CYA's online Q and A on 30 May from 6 to 7pm. This is where you can find out more about joining the team.

Check out who is eligible, what skills CYA are looking for and more about them by clicking this link. This is also the place to register for a place at next week’s Q and A.

  • Q and A date: Thursday 30 May, 6-7pm online
  • Deadline to register: Tuesday 28 May at 5pm

This is an opportunity for applicants to meet the team and ask any questions. Please note this is not a paid role.

A second yellow Instagram square show black and white illustrations of people taking photos, coming up with new ideas and using a megaphone. The skills they are looking for in the team, in bold white text, are making online content, creative thinking, empathy and kindness, research and public speaking.

Want to know a bit more about CYA?

Together CYA have:

  • Won the national Sheila McKechnie Foundation campaigners David and Goliath award for their campaign to end hate speech about disabled people online
  • Worked with Meta and Ofcom to create safer online spaces
  • Talked to numerous organisations about their work
  • Collaborated with the University of Warwick on a real-life brief for Community, Engagement and Belonging MA students
  • Recruited over 50 allies using their bespoke Ally Pack
  • Looked out for one another by scheduling plenty of fun social nights to take the pressure off.

Their important work continues. Will you part of it? Apply here.

CYA are part of our Shifting Power work making our people and communities fairer, stronger and more connected across Coventry, Warwickshire and wider.