CYA on Your Sofa kicks off for Loneliness Awareness Week

Invitations to weekly sofa conversations on isolation are winging their way to local and national players in the business of influencing the equality and inclusivity agenda for disabled people this week.

The unusual invitation to ‘CYA on Your Sofa’ is penned by campaigns group Coventry Youth Activists. They won’t let isolation stop the conversation and are inviting people from all walks of life to be heard.

Each weekly episode will feature a new guest, plus a ‘Friday Follow Up’ on social media with ways people can help raise the awareness needed to guarantee young people’s place at the table for deciding what comes next. 

With many people having faced isolation for the first time, the young activists want people to know that social isolation is a daily experience for disabled people. It is time for action as the effects of isolation are still fresh in the minds of the general populace.

As Prash puts it in the video: “Now is the time to understand. Now is the time to change.”

CYA want to give young people, with and without additional needs, a voice within the community. They’ve been fighting for equal rights for three years and have no intention of stopping. They decide on the issues that matter to them and set about tackling them. We cheer from the sidelines and help them know how to keep momentum going.

Our work helping people change systems helps them embrace their power and agency. Because when they do, systems and services understand the problem together, the problem is solved for good, power shifts and lives become better.

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