Grapevine community organisers sharing their insights with over 100 million people

The community organising team at Grapevine has joined an international community of over 100 million people sharing ideas and sparking powerful conversations through ‘Medium’.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Medium is an open digital platform where anyone can publish their writing, forging connections with collaborators across the globe.

A large group inside a cafe in Coventry city centre smile and cheer at the camera. This is Collaboration Station in action.
Grapevine community organisers and a core team of local changemakers organise a monthly ideas night called Collaboration Station. It has spawned dozens of community led initiatives boosting connection in Coventry.

The newly launched ‘Grapevine Cov & Warks Community Organisers’ blog collection seeks to offer an evolving insight into our community organising work in Coventry and Warwickshire in the form of ‘week notes’.

To produce these, our community organisers get together at the end of each week for dedicated writing time that captures the week’s reflections and learning before sharing them instantly with an international audience.

This shares our perspectives and methods with a wide ecosystem of practitioners, experts, journalists, thought leaders and individuals looking to delve into community organising practice – with whom we can be curious and deepen our understanding of the world too.

A pink heart with a scribbled purple heart over the top and the words 'Love Community Organising' and hashtag Connecting For Good Cov in black and white text laid over the top to form a kind of logo.
We’re celebrating a love of community organising this Valentine’s Day week!

Are YOU curious? Dive into our first few articles below.

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