INNOVATION | Reform the Norm bringing hidden voices into the light

Day two of our week celebrating the six energies of Coventry City of Culture 2021 through reflections on our work in the city.

Today is Innovation! Our follow up to Saturday’s amazingly innovative #CoventryMoves launch which, through an enormous amount of work, enabled neighbourhood and digital participation in spite of current Covid safety restrictions.

The pandemic brought to light inequalities that have existed in society for a long time. Our Reform the Norm programme continues to weave the thread of innovation by examining how we make things more equal and don’t simply return to the way things were.

Reform the Norm draws the City of Culture’s four community partners together (Central England Law Centre, Positive Youth Foundation, Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre and us!) to amplify under-represented voices and continuously ask “who is missing from the table?” as we plan our future.

The first collaborative project, ‘The Story of Us’, shines the spotlight on four Coventry storytellers with first-hand experiences of these inequalities who developed their skills through bespoke workshops with Sounddelivery.

Listen below. Further opportunities and events will be unveiled throughout the year.

This work is part of our Shifting Power action strand and is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Emerging Futures Fund.