Learning how to build the future we all want

Changemaker University enters its fourth week today, with an in-depth look at creating powerful content for social media.

The ‘term’ is running over several weeks during lockdown to help local changemakers we were working with pre-pandemic consolidate their skills in preparation for what comes next.

The art of conversations module

Over the last few sessions they’ve covered connecting through Zoom, the art of gathering, the art of intentional conversation and recently ‘framing’, with an overview on Headliner from our CEO, Clare Wightman.

We use Headliner often now to tell stories and stir solidarity in a way that only the power of human voice can do – an example of the kind of content we’re talking to our ‘students’ about today. Here’s Clare:

We believe that social change, building the future we all want and supporting people to have a hand in that change are pieces of the same puzzle. It would be all too easy for the pieces to reconfigure in the old way that left too many people behind.

Mel Smith, Deputy CEO explains: “Changemaker University brings people together from all walks of life, all with the determination to make change happen. Learning skills is valuable now and when the pandemic is over.

“We’ve focused on public narrative and the deep listening in conversations necessary to create connections and change. I’m thankful to our movement makers for their commitment to the process. It’s been truly wonderful so far.”

Clare concludes: “Those most ostracized and isolated are our movement makers. We’re changing systems by nurturing a powerful network of these unusual leaders as we make plans to build back better together.”

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