Stoke Aldermoor road safety campaign gathers speed

A group of local people united by a desire for increased road safety in Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry – supported by our Grapevine community organisers – are asking residents and workers to tell them what improvements they would like to see on the neighbourhood’s road network.

Making the roads safer for all, particularly around Aldermoor Farm Primary School but affecting the area as a whole, was identified by members of the community as a priority campaign during a series of Grapevine-led ‘parklets’ in October last year.

Illustrated bold balck and yellow image of a hand holding a placard high that says Road Safety Campaign in Stoke Aldermoor - a group of local people and Grapevine community organisers who want to make the roads safer for all.

It had previously been chosen by a coalition of local people as a potentially ‘winnable campaign’ with the ultimate goal of getting a zebra crossing installed outside the school.

The parklets aimed to confirm this with a wider section of the local community.

Our community organisers use parklets – often involving props such as outdoor rugs, faux grass, plants, deckchairs and placards – to disrupt the norm, spark curiosity and encourage people to talk openly about an issue (mental health services, for example) or give their thoughts on what matters to them locally.

The road safety campaign’s core team is made up of concerned parents of children attending the primary school, combined with an inspiring group of young people getting involved in action to make things better for themselves and others.

While meetings with school leaders and Coventry City Council officials continue, it is hoped the questionnaire will help provide a broader picture of people’s opinions and experiences.

Another road safety campaign poster, this time with a QR code and contact details for community organiser Rose. All information (e.g. mobile number to contact) contained in the text of this blog post.
Please click the image to complete the road safety questionnaire.

The more local people who fill it in the better! Please take a couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire here.

Look out for more updates soon. See below for ways to get involved.

About place based social action

This campaign, sparked by local people, is part of our place based social action work in Stoke Aldermoor. It forms part of our Shifting Power strand of action with people, systems and services.

It is one of twenty national partnerships – funded by the DCMS and The National Lottery Community Fund – about people-led solutions that help young people and families thrive in a hard-hit Coventry community. We are changing the way public services and communities work together.

As one Stoke Aldermoor Social Action Partnership (SASAP) community member puts it: “One person can make minimal changes on their own, but a group of people can add more weight to the actions needed – to give those actions more power.”

Get involved

Anyone living or working in Stoke Aldermoor can bring their passions and ideas to improving the neighbourhood.

Contact Rose at Grapevine or by sending a text or WhatsApp message to 07478 096019.