Why don’t we invest in early action? Ignite report on impact in Willenhall

A national report bringing together insights and reflections from leading thinkers and practitioners on the importance of early action and its influence on policy and practice is highlighting Grapevine and Central England Law Centre’s Ignite programme in Willenhall as a case study of how it can really work. Ignite saw the two organisations embark on […]

Why Ignite shows that change starts with us

It’s near to an impossible task – writing a story about a project that operates, and likes to remain, uncredited behind the scenes. A project supporting a myriad of offshoot initiatives, spawned by ideas from informal conversations and brought to life by diverse members of the community. But here we are. Almost four years on […]

Rethink, rebuild: Seizing this system-shifting moment

Grapevine CEO Clare Wightman hosts a breakout session on systems thinking at today’s NPC Ignites conference. Alongside co-hosts Seth Reynolds from NPC and Diane Smith (Head of Programme, Fulfilling Lives in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham), she will discuss why the systemic change brought to a head by the Coronavirus pandemic demands a systemic response from […]

How we help people thrive

“Grapevine have this engine for creating conditions that enable people to take control of their lives. A think and do tank that’s able to transform services and lives wherever they are.” Rich Wilson, Co-founder of the Good Help Movement (with Nesta)  We’ve never needed our communities as much as we do now Although we’re […]

Who we are

Pioneering, curious, optimistic. Hello, we’re Grapevine. We’re a pioneering example of how to help people work together to solve their problems for good. Together we’re making a sea change for communities in Coventry and Warwickshire. Our vision is local citizens with the skills and confidence to act on what they care about; connecting through their […]

Strategy and reports

We are an engine for social change. We want everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire to join us in making people and communties stronger, fairer and more connected. What follows is our strategy for 2023-25. A three-year plan to help people and communities use their untapped power to create better futures. Grapevine’s response to poverty The […]

With systems

We help people embrace their power and agency. Because when they do problems get solved, lives become better and futures become more shapeable. But we don’t stop there. We want to get at the root causes of the most difficult problems – not just treat the symptoms. So we work intensively with systems and services […]

Simon’s world is opening up

Simon was stuck. His siblings had flown the nest and in his mid-forties, he was living in a small village near Leamington Spa with his Mum. He worried what would happen when Mum was no longer around, with no place to live, no job and friends with “families and jobs” so no time for him. […]

Farewell 2018! You’ve been great…

19 December 2018. Our final post of 2018. And what a year it has been. We’ve sparked new movements of people who care about an issue – Connecting for Good (isolation) and Self Care Social (long term health conditions/self care) – and grown existing ones with Feel Good Community. Longer term projects such as Help […]