I wanted freedom to support young people in a creative, outside the box way

Another Teenvine Plus project worker has arrived!

Amy Reid joins our other recent new starter Shakira plus Teenvine stalwarts Paul and Sarah on the intensive six-month development programme which is tailored to individual young people aged 13-18 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Coventry.

A young woman in her twenties with long dark brown hair wears a black mortar board for her graduation in Coventry. She is Amy Reid.
Amy Reid, Teenvine Plus project worker

Working your way through the education system, navigating family and friendships and discovering more about who you are present both exciting and intimidating rungs on the ladder as we grow up.

The Teenvine Plus and Next Steps (specifically linked to disadvantage created by the pandemic) programmes help young people get the friendships, confidence, skills and ambition to build the more connected, independent future they want.

Being given the creative freedom to express our identity in different ways and experience new things helps too! Click here to watch our Young People playlist on YouTube. Follow Teenvine on Instagram @TeenvinePlus.

Teenvine Plus is part of our #StrengtheningPeople action strand at Grapevine.

Let’s meet Amy!

What were you doing just before you joined Grapevine?

Before Grapevine I was working as a TA in a pupil referral unit for young people who have been excluded from mainstream education. I loved working with the young people, especially those from marginalised backgrounds who need the most support. However, I found that I couldn’t make as much impact as I wanted within an education setting and wanted the freedom to support young people in a creative, outside the box way.

What other experience will help you with your new role?

Some of my other experiences include working as a SEND learning mentor in a college supporting young people with educational needs to access mainstream post-16 education. I also worked at a refugee centre where I supported unaccompanied and asylum seeking children learning English. During my studies I became interested in social justice and youth services. As young people who are most vulnerable in society don’t always have access to support networks. I wanted to find a way to help, which is where working on the Teenvine project with Grapevine comes in!

Why do you do work like this?

I work like this because I want to make an impact on young people’s lives, whether big or small, it all adds up. I’ve found that young people I’ve worked with often feel neglected or let down by the system. I’m passionate about showing kindness and compassion and watching people to thrive.

What are you most looking forward to about the role?

I’m looking forward to getting to know all the amazing young people, their families and my colleagues. I want to learn and develop as much as possible and grow alongside the people I work with.

Is there a fun fact or skill you’d like to share with us?

A fun fact is I lived in Valencia, Spain for a year and speak just a little bit of Spanish or should I say “un poco Español”!