We need to talk about Poverty

There are lots of us – services and community groups – that work with people who are struggling. Yet we still don’t seem to be able to make the difference needed to really shift the dial on poverty.

It’s frustrating and we want to see if, by joining forces, we can do something about it.

So this Thursday (17 March) Grapevine and Central England Law Centre have invited people to join us for an urgent conversation about poverty here in Coventry. The event is to be held online and is sold out.

A woman with short dark hair and no make up looks in despair out of a window with blinds half closed.
Image by Shane on Unsplash

It’s easy to think poverty is all about not having enough money for food but that is sadly just one example among the many causes and impacts of poverty here and in other major cities.

Poverty among working people as well as particular groups like migrants, women and disabled people – and the rising cost of living – have only worsened as we emerge from the pandemic.

It all adds up to a situation that is harming the potential of Coventry and its people.

This image shows cans of food donated and piled up ready at a food bank.
Image by Donna Spearman on Unsplash

We know this isn’t news but that’s why we are generating some open discussion and practical action.

“As a society, we believe in justice and compassion. But, right now, economic conditions mean that millions of people in our country are trapped in poverty and their opportunities are limited.” (Sue Bent, Chief Executive of Central England Law Centre).

A wide range of people are coming this Thursday from the voluntary sector, community groups, Coventry City Council and also people with lived experience of the issues to talk about work we are doing to mitigate the impact of poverty, how are we doing it, the potential we can see, obstacles in our way and how we can work better.

“While we may not be able to change government policy on benefits we can still make sure that we’ve got the best connected and responsive network of help possible.” (Clare Wightman, Grapevine CEO)

Look out for more news and updates during and after the event where we hope to identify ways to collaborate and help prevent some of the suffering we are seeing – our Coventry poverty alliance network.

Contact us to add your thoughts and/or commitment to joint action.