Where is the love? Summit 2.0

We’re hosting another community summit at the end of November and you’re all invited.

We held our first ‘CommUNITY is not just for pandemics’ summit on 4 July. 155 people turned out.

Older woman at window making heart shape with her hands

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At the time, things felt strange but hopeful. People worried that the strong sense of community was wavering.

We produced a report, we spoke on local radio, we had in-depth conversations with 40 attendees, we trained new Changemakers for our communities.

Now the honeymoon period for all of us is over. Consipiracy theories are rife. People are feeling like scapegoats. Gone is the Thursday night clap for carers and the rainbows for the NHS.

We are all tired – searching for good news amongst the bad. So we’re hosting a second summit on Saturday 28 November from 2pm – 3.30pm.

Dept of Community is looking for amazing humans
Adapted from artwork by Foka Wolf

Why? Because we haven’t yet done enough. We want to do more. We need to do more.

If we want to continue to confront this pandemic then we need to carry on unlocking the power and love in our communities… our willingness to act to keep people together, no matter what.

Love, hope and optimism need a strategic push.

Click this link for all the details. Please sign up for a free ticket and help us get others to the table so their voices can be heard too.

Join #ConnectingforGoodCov to think about how we pull the love back.