Community makes us

This month sees the launch of ‘Community Makes Us’ – a national campaign celebrating acts of support borne out of the COVID-19 crisis, in the hope of inspiring us all to continue to build a better, more connected future.

The campaign is created and supported by a cross-sector network of organisations, charities, companies and groups called the Connection Coalition

Waving from the window in lockdown
Little connections have big impacts

Founded by The Jo Cox Foundation, Age UK, Mind, The Cares Family, Nesta, British Red Cross and more, the coalition is growing and Grapevine is proud to be part of it. We are unified in our belief that building a better future depends on building strong relationships and connected communities for everyone.

Community Makes Us focuses on the ways people have come together to do little things that have had a massive impact during lockdown.

We’ve seen people try new things, develop different habits – this is our chance to really change the way we see each other, the places we live and how we each fit in.

It’s a chance to build stronger, kinder, better connected communities. It’s a change we need, not just for now but for good.

We are the ones that make our community. And our community makes us. 

If you are in an organisation, charity, group, company or any other organised entity and believe in the power of connection, you can join the Connection Coalition too here.

If not, please follow the campaign #communitymakesus on social media and in the news and share the stories if you can. Here are two examples.