Strategy and reports

Poverty and austerity need a stronger response. But local government resources are declining and service models are trying to adjust. Our social fabric needs to catch up.

In our 2019-21 strategy we wanted to continue our 1-1 work strengthening people, but because of the success of our movement building work, and because it’s so needed, we put greater focus on sparking action and shifting power at community and service levels. All our work is people led, with us in the background connecting, building, priming and prompting.

Next we refresh our strategy for 2023 to 2025 – look out for this at the start of 2023. In the meantime, please check out our most recent reports below.


The Ignite programme saw Grapevine and Central England Law Centre embark on a five-year journey in partnership with Coventry City Council Children’s Services and Citizen Housing (formerly Whitefriars), exploring how to redesign support from public sector services to help people earlier and build resilience in those least able to cope.

Click this link or the image below to read our final report: ‘A Story of Activating Early Action.’

The red and black cover of the Ignite report with the Grapevine and Central England Law Centre logos.
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Central England Law Centre also kindly created this infographic to summarise part of the report – the Eleven Ways of Working.

Ignite was funded by the Early Action Neighbourhood Fund, supported by Comic Relief, The National Community Lottery fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Barrow Cadbury. More here.

A blue and white infographic outlines leven ways of working to activate early action.

Our ‘Rekindling lost connections’ report from our local business and retailer summit in April 2021. Click the link or image below to read it.

Around 65 business owners, sector reps and supporters joined us online to talk about forging a different future founded on connection and belonging in Coventry and Warwickshire’s city and town centres and local high streets. Where community boosts recovery and recovery boosts community and people, communities and businesses use their untapped power to create better futures.

Grapevine Rekindling Lost Connections local business and retailer summit report cover 2021
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Our ‘Un-lock down – public sector and community’ covers when we gathered Coventry and Warwickshire’s public sector in a Zoom room in November 2020 to spark discussion, talk optimism and make a commitment to action for our future. Click the link or image below to read it.

We reconvened a core group of those professionals a month later to talk action on cementing the new ways of working accelerated by the pandemic into everyday practice and later galvanised those core public sector changemakers into a monthly Thinkers and Doers Network.

Un-lock down report cover
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Finally, towards the end of the first lockdown in summer 2020, we called Coventry people together online to reflect and talk about what they wanted to happen next.

People worried that the strong sense of community spirit was wavering. They considered three things: Poverty and Inequality, Neighbourliness and Connections, and Our Power to Change.

Click this final image (or the following link) for a full report on our ‘From community spirit to community power’ summit attended by 155 people in July 2020.

We did it again with almost 100 people with the ‘Where is the love?’ summit in November during the second 2020 lockdown. We were all tired then but recognised that hope and optimism needed a strategic push. We wanted to find the love and we did – our willingness to act to keep people together, no matter what. Watch this space for further strategic reports.

From community spirit to community power summit report
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